Cordova Bonsmara

Gobabis District
Etienne Jooste
+264 81 371 1599
+264 62 561 420

The Cordova Bonsmara stud was established in 2008 by Etienne Jooste on Farm Cordova in the Steinhausen area. The stud has been built up using only the best genetic material from unrelated bloodlines in Namibia and mostly South Africa. We are passionate about developing the Bonsmara breed in Namibia by introducing new genetic material into the national herd as well as growing our own herd with characteristics that are unique to the country. Our breeding philosophy is centred on superior genetics, optimal adaptability and accurate recording.

When you invest in a bull or female from the Cordova Bonsmara stud you are guaranteed the following:

  • Animals that are optimally adapted to Namibian conditions
  • Unrelated and unique bloodlines
  • Bulls that are fertile and veld-reared
  • Animals with exceptional values as per trusted Bonsmara standards
  • Genetic material that you will not find anywhere else in Namibia

Visitors are welcome to visit Farm Cordova and experience first-hand where the future of Bonsmara stud farming in Namibia lies. Feel free to contact us to arrange a viewing or to find out which animals can be acquired towards the betterment of your own herd.